March has brought so many new things into my daily life that I had to list everything prior to writing up this text obtenir cialis.
Last month, I mentioned the Affordable Art Fair Battersea, accompanied by the launch of my new print –Divercity’. It will be on display next at Made in Arts London’s annual independent exhibition ‘Capsule’, at the embassy Tea gallery.

It is an event that I especially look forward to because not only will a couple of my prints be featured, but also a very special sculpture piece that I’ve worked on the past couple of months. Named ‘Publicity’, it visualises— maybe instead of explaining it I’d rather invite you to come to the show to find out yourself!


Besides having heads and hands full of clay, I also spent many long days at the print studio to print a brand new edition of ‘City of London’, with white ink on black paper. Very special. I have not yet officially released it to the public, but plan on doing so within the coming months.


RA-Summer-ExhibitionYou may remember me mentioning the RA Summer Exhibition – which I’m so dedicated to becoming part of. A couple of weeks ago I was informed that one of my Citysphere etchings made it one step closer. This time of the year is most likely to be the busiest for the established London framers – as all the selected artists who have to frame their pieces in order to deliver it for the next round of judging!

I’d like to take this chance to mention how important it is to have a framer you can trust. Within the year of my art practice I was recommended by Made in Arts London to use the traditional framing service owned by one of the very last family run Professional Picture Framing businesses in Central London – Stafford’s Gallery. They have since framed most of my prints, always with an excellent attention to detail.  Stafford and Crombie have recently moved their cluttered studio to the lovingly traditional Cecil Court, just off Charing Cross Road. I enjoy coming by, dropping off prints and picking them up knowing that I’ve invested in a caring and professional service.

“Quality always shows through when hand made.” – Stafford.

Lastly I’d like to tell you about a ‘brand-new’ venture that I’ve started last month. I have found it hard to balance my practice between fine art and the ‘commerce’ art arena. I didn’t want to focus on one only. As you might not know, I’m a trained Graphic Designer, and I secretly miss parts of graphic design and a lot related subjects – since being so involved in printmaking.

Therefore I’ve found something in between – something I’m really excited about. ‘The City Works’. With the help of Rowan I’m building up a business that celebrates the world cities and the stories they have to offer. We design and produce urban-themed gifts and stationery, that are affordable (and fun!)

Pay us a visit on our recently launched website, or keep up with our progress on one of the many social media accounts we are trying to keep up with.

With warm Easter Greetings, I’m finishing off this post, and look forward to telling you all about the come back of ‘We built This City‘, the Capsule Exhibition and a new print release or two in early May …

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