As if there didn’t need to be any more reminders of how fast time passes, February, with its insistence on being three days shorter than its fellow months, came, and went, in the blink of a very tired eye. It was another month of change. I placed my many ideas outside and waited patiently for them to thaw in the occasional morning sun that skated past stubborn
wintery cloud.

The month began where most things begin, in Shoreditch. When you wander off Brick Lane, you can stumble across many disenchanting places – empty restaurants and suspect travel agents alike. But sitting at the end of Princelet street is Salt & Pegram. A hidden store of extravagant lighting, victorian furnishings, velvet cushions – was I really treading over open garbage bags outside just seconds earlier?Salt&Pegram

What meant most to me about Salt & Pegram was its left hand wall, where a selection of my prints currently hang until the end of March 2015. This month began with the landmarking of this semi-solo exhibition, shared with the talented Nick Cheeseman, with the intimate, compulsory private view. However to mark it as ‘private’ would be to ignore the passers by, who seemed to ‘pop in’ at the first sight of the multiple Peronis in the hands of the chattering attendees.

I went home knowing that I was half-way to my first solo exhibition. Weeks later I printed ‘Diversity’. Before the paper had barely dried, I had it submitted online to the Royal Academy, in silent anticipation of seeing it in the RA Summer Show. Last year ‘Dencity’, my first Citysphere etching, had made it to the final round of judging, let’s hope this year I jump every hurdle.
My inky fingers are crossed.


Meanwhile, ‘The Beach Pie’, a nifty little culture magazine on the trendy side of London wrote up an interview I had with them.

Recently I have undertaken illustration projects for a lovely client who runs school holiday workshops for children. Their ethos, learn by doing, chimes nicely with my own ideas of how to learn creatively. I was surprised but also delighted to be offered to hold an afternoon workshop with them. I designed a set of urban-themed ink-stamps, and watched them quickly stamp up an entire city on a large roll of paper. It was nice to detach and let someone else do the art for a change!

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-3632" src="" alt="FirstHandWorkshop" width="1000" height="300" srcset=" 1000w,×90.jpg 300w, http://www achat cialis pharmacie en×216.jpg 720w” sizes=”(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px” />

Each one of the 28 days that February provided were long, but lacking in quantity. And now March is tapping its feet, glancingimpatiently at its wristwatch. Next month brings the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, and printing like a machine to get my new edition finished on time.


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