The best thing about having a creative imagination can also be the worst. The ability to make anything in your head instantly can be instantly frustrating too, as you try to trace your mind onto paper. There aren’t enough hours in the day, but that’s what the night time is for right?

As December paid a visit, I decided to pay a few visits of my own, to lovely people who kindly bought work of mine. It was very rewarding to make personal deliveries, and equally interesting to witness how people with similar tastes can be so diverse. One minute I was at a music producer in central London, the next I was in the English countryside with some very jolly dog owners.

On the subject of diversity, I’m currently engraving into a new etching plate – finally! It’s surprising how it’s been many months now since finishing my last etching, and how producing unlimited digital print editions can consume so many days. While it was a great experience being a best seller over the Christmas period with the incredibly hard working We Built this City, I’m somewhat relieved their doors have closed for the time being, so that I can open a window and get some fresh air…

And I quite literally had my head in the clouds over the holidays. I switched off the London engine and reflected in my native Austria. I walked through the snow, and visited the capital for New Years. Vienna is home to outstanding art, design, architecture, and it was nice to soak it in without having to concern myself with checking emails and orders. But inside I could feel the inspirations of Schiele’s Houses at the Leopold Museum, Miró at the Albertina and the Hundertwasser House, all secretly feeding the appetite of my big ideas.

In the same way that my cities grow, I will be broadening my horizons in the coming months, as I start releasing new product lines of handmade textiles, printed with my designs. With a new year upon us, it may be wise for me to make a resolution to be more patient, we will see how many days my resolution lasts.

2015-01-04 13.51.02

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